Audit and assurance reports are required for a variety of reasons, whether for compliance purposes or to provide an independent opinion for investors and lenders. Kingly Brookes have over 30 Audit Calculation - Kingly Brookesyears of experience in audit and assurance and undertake a thorough review of the business systems and controls to enable us to understand your business fully and advise on the best way forward.

Our range of audit and assurance services includes:

Statutory audit

At Kingly Brookes, we don’t believe that statutory audits should be a burden on your business. We use our knowledge of helping businesses to succeed to not only provide the documentation necessitated by law, but to advise on how you can improve systems and controls which will smooth the running of the business and allow you to concentrate on growth.

Pension scheme audits

Under legislation from The Pensions Regulator, certain pension schemes require audits. We have vast experience of undertaking pension scheme audits from smaller defined benefit schemes up to those where the principal employer is a listed company.

Charity audits

The audit of a charity’s accounts contributes to maintaining public trust and confidence in the organisation. Kingly Brookes are on hand to ensure assure that the charity is run in line with stakeholder expectations

Grant audits

Grant providers often require independent assurance that the funding is being expended in a way that is consistent with agreed proposals. Kingly Brookes are aware of the importance of retaining the grant resources and work alongside your business to understand your goals and test the alignment of the goals to those of the grant providers.

Specialist reporting for professional bodies

Professional bodies are increasingly calling for assurance that information provided is verifiable. Kingly Brookes have worked with the likes of Solicitors and Valuers and Auctioneers to assure their professional bodies that their businesses are operating honestly and effectively. Should your professional body ask for a review of your business practices, Kingly Brookes can provide assurance reports on how your business is performing against the professional body’s specified guidelines.

Assurance reports on statutory accounts

Lenders and other stakeholders may not require the high level reporting provided by an audit, but request assurance that nothing has come to the accountant’s attention that would suggest the figures in the accounts incorrect. At Kingly Brookes, we gain a thorough comprehension of your business, which enables us to provide this assurance.

If you would like more information on the audit and assurance services we provide, call us direct on 0207 292 8850. Or, if you would prefer, contact us online.