Business News – Issue 4, 2021

Martin Jones, October 18th, 2021

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Front page news:

  • Income tax administration gets shake-up. Tax admin might not sound like headline news but new proposals under government consideration could have a major impact on the way tax liabilities are assessed. We look at what the proposals would mean for your business, as well as the recently published timetable for Making Tax Digital for income tax.
  • Paying for social care costs. The surprise government announcement increasing National Insurance Contributions and dividend tax rates prior to the introduction of a new levy.

Our other articles:

  • Outstanding tax: HMRC latest. HMRC’s policy is starting to change. What can you expect now?
  • Employer funding. Act now. If you’re an employer, you can still tap into Covid-19 youth job creation funding
  • Salary sacrifice: how to change the small print. If Covid-19 means employees ask to vary a salary sacrifice arrangement, what do you need to know?
  • Post Brexit teething problems with import VAT. Some practical advice on postponed VAT accounting
  • Brexit/ What changes next? Our one-page feature looks at some of the latest announcements: import checks and controls; a guide to what’s still changing – and when – and what’s on hold; suppliers’ declarations; EU export health certificates; product conformity marking.

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